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Living in a nature reserve

The Taïno Resort is at the end of a  forest road leading to the Arjuzanx national Park
Our houses are next to the Lake of Arjuzanx

The Arjuzanx site is the largest French wintering site for Common Cranes. It is classified as a National Hunting Reserve.

This is a magnificient space where many outdoor leisure activities can be practiced. More than 400 hectares are freely accessible all year round,   mainly around Lake Arjuzanx, allow the practice of:  

  • fishing on the 150 hectares of Lake Arjuzanx (2nd fish category).   Combustion engines are prohibited on Lake Arjuzanx; 3 Zones are classified as permanent reserve fishing. 

  • walking and hiking (mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, etc.) or sports (jogging) on more than 27 km of forest paths. 

The Taïno Reserve, Landes pastoral heritage from the 19th century

In the Landes in the past, in a space called the airial, the ancients dug a well, then they built a house, a bread oven, a sheepfold, a barn called a carriou where the teams were stored.

It is in this now reinvented space that you will live. The airial of the Taïno Reserve is planted with oaks and fruit trees and, unusually, it is hilly.  The sheepfold has become one of our homes, the bread oven is a casita for two couples or a couple with two or three children. Around the swimming pool, the Tiki bar, the bamboo shower, a sauna (on request) and toilets.

Under the barn, a billiards table, a table for lunch or dinner.

Everywhere in the airial you will find places to rest and areas for relaxation and games. Small tables for writing, deck chairs for reading under the trees, hammocks for dreaming while listening to the many birds. Around a hundred species live in the Arjuzanx Reserve and make no difference between our gardens and the hectares of the Reserve which adjoins the houses. 150m from our houses, taking a path in the countryside, you can reach the lake and its small sandy coves. The water is pure and transparent.

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